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Useful Tips About Custom Plushies Samples


Table of Contents

Some clients might be the 1st time in the custom bulk plushies industry and confused sometimes. So today we’d like to share with you what information the plush toy factories will require when you’re ready to order stuffed toy samples and some tips when you need to replicate your original stuffed animal samples to the new ones. And If you have other questions about the custom plush toy project, kindly feel free to get in touch at any time.

What Information Is Needed If I’d Like to Proceed With My Soft Toy Project?

  • After you approved our quote and going to get samples to confirm before mass production. If your soft plush design with logo printing or pattern design, please send us the printing artwork in AI format, PDF, PNG, ( front, side, back of character design) also can work.
  • Before sample making, we guys will send you a similar colors swatch for confirmation. But if you already have specific Pantone codes for your plushie designs in mind, please inform us to custom directly.
  • Share us with more ideas or special requests if possible.

Tips About Soft Toy Prototype Replication.

  • If make the sample from the design, normally our similarity can reach 95-98% at least, and after the 1st prototype, we also after 1-2 times free revisions for your custom plushes sample.
  • If you already have the original soft plush toy sample, can the replication reach 100%? The answer was NO, due to the fabric elasticity, each piece will have 1mm-2mm size tolerance. But it’s hard to see the difference with naked eyes. Similarity can reach 99.5%
  • If you only have the photos of the sample, the similarity is around 95-96%. Every designer has a different way & view on the sample making. They make the sample as per things they can see.

Why Plush Sampling Cost Is Expensive?

Before we see the correct sample, there are several steps needed: Material sourcing, prototype making, communication and confirmation, 1-2 times revisions. And correct sample making, this whole process takes much effort, labor cost, and time.
And sample cost will be deducted from mass production directly when your order quantity reaches an agreed quantity.

Will Mass Production Quality Exactly Same AS PP Sample?

  • Yes! After you approve the final sample. We will make the “keeping sample” with a detailed sheet to record all details about your custom plush figure sample, including special workmanship, packaging box fabric material requests, etc.
  • When you’re ready to order the bulk quantities of custom design stuffed animals, we will use this sample to match the fabric color and quality standard & details reference during the production period.

How Can Plushtoysmfg Help With Your Custom Plush Project?

  • In sample designing & making, we guarantee you 95%-98% similarity between your artwork and physical stuffed animals, we got an excellent team to support.
  • Active and professional response: we’ve been custom soft cuddly toys manufacturing for 10 years, from the safety standard, quality control, and on-time delivery, we got your back.
  • Reasonable wholesale price assurance, we’re always looking for a long-term and good business relationship.

We producing all kinds of plush based items with 500 MOQ support, Such as custom plush teddy bear stuffed animals, soft baby toy, plush company mascot toy, plush doll, plush keychain, plush slippers, etc. 100% customization.

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