Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection

save our planet

Reduce & Recycled & Reuse

A 10” size stuffed animal is made from 6-7 plastic bottles in our plush toys field

With the rapid development of society and economy these years, people’s demands for the natural environment and resources have been increasing. While our ecological environment is deteriorating day by day, natural resources are also facing shortages.

As a manufacturer, we deeply understand the importance of sustainable development and the significance of reducing energy consumption. Every of plush toy we made is from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and household plastic waste. We hope these fluffy soft buddies can let our next generation have a better understanding of the importance of respecting our planet and protecting the ecological environment.


While calling on more people and companies to pay attention to environmental issues, we will keep strictly require our internal activities must strictly comply with the  following aspects:

  •  Saving energy
  • Garbage sorted and recycled
  • Improve all staff’s environmental awareness, reuse materials as much as possible, and reduce waste
  • The materials we purchased must be eco-friendly and meet safety standards
  • Regularly review the actual implementation of the factory
  • Encourage and reward employees to actively participate in community environmental protection and public welfare activities