Plush Toys Quality Guarantee

Even though we have a strict quality system internally, to save you from worries, we hope you can know clearly how we will handle the “defective goods claim” before you place the order, hope to avoid any possible inconvenience.

Our internal inspection standard are more stricter than some 3rd party inspection companies, but we can guarantee you as long as you find any products from us are in poor quality, we will remake and send to you at our expense. Or replace them when the repeat order are both no problem. Any claims will be answered at the day, our team will contact you to get pictures/details to confirm and provide the solutions within 3 days.

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Our Acceptable Tolerance

Even as a plush toys manufacturer for years, we are just like other people just as ordinary consumers, and always hold a scrutiny mentality for our products. In Sep of 2022, it was the first time we received a complaint, client informed the plushies received were so many defective goods as the right images showed.

Please consider that soft toys were stuffed with PP cotton, some toys might be a little “out of shape” in the package after traveling a long way. It will be normal again after unpacking for a while or just shaking it out. Such a situation we are not able to recognize as “defective” on our side.

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Plush products with the following conditions are not within the scope of compensation

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Notice: Please understand that stuffed toys in themselves were hand-made, such products are not able to be perfect and 100% accurate as molded products. For example, some fabrics were easier to attach the “hair” after the fur combing process. Our workers will clean the toys one by one and the QC team also will do sampling inspections as per AQL 2.5 standard to decide if this batch is qualified to ship. But sometimes a few quantities might be missed with “small problems” as above, such “small flaws” will be within our acceptable tolerance.

Cooperation never was a one-sided effort. Before the bulk quantities are confirmed, the factory also spends a lot of time and effort on all aspects. From early communication to fabric sourcing, and sample modifications. We always hope to support clients as much as possible and try our best to avoid inconvenience to you.

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