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Importing Plush Soft Toys To EU Market

Label information for EU

Table of Contents

Soft toys are among the most popular in the market. Made from fluffy and supper soft fabrics with PP cotton stuffing. They appear in various forms, and can be lifelike stuffed animals, cute baby cuddly toys, plush dolls, plushies pillows, etc.

Stuffed toys are not only for children’s play usage, but also suitable for different purposes and occasions, such as company mascot plushies, collecting use, promotional plush, or even giveaway gifts. And different regions have their own word, like plushies animals, soft toys, plushes, stuffy. Actually, these are all the same thing.

Plush mascot soft toy

1st question: Is CE compulsory for children’s toys in the EU?

Yes! Whether you’re an importer or toy-loving company who wants to start the wholesale toys business in the EU market, or even just in retail line. CE document/ Mark are both requested when custom clearance. Why that? Because CE mark means these goods were already passed the EU safety requirements and safe to be placed in the EU market.

Stuffed animals

What testings are needed if we’d like to sell the plushes toys to EU?

EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018,
European Standard Safety of toys Part 1: Mechanical and Physical
EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014: Flammability.
EN 71-3:2019:Migration of certain elements

After the above-related testing is passed, the testing lab will issue the conformity of certificate (CE)

Safety testing for soft toys

How to label appropriately customized soft toys?

Points are for plushes soft toy labeling:

Client’s Logo or Website:
CE mark ( Certainly)
Material: Include ( All new materials)
Suitable: Age: 0+ or 3+
Imported or distributed by:
Care instruction:

Label sampling

Tips For Custom Plush Manufacturing And Importing:

  • The testing costs depended on how many kinds of materials were used and the number of colors of your stuffed animals‘ toys.
  • The testing lab will only provide the CE mark format for printing after testing passed.
  • Besides the soft toy production, outside opp packing bag also needs testing.

We shared the international toy testing standard last time, you could have a look if you’re interested. For any further questions about your customized wholesale soft toys project, feel free to contact us by email or phone call at any time!

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