Terms and Conditions

Internal Guidelines and Standards

As an enterprise, while providing customers with better service and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all staff, we have always hoped to have a greater ability to give back to society. However, any plush designs that are encouraged criminal behavior or racism. We have the right to reject.

Reasons for rejecting designs

We always encourage and respect human rights independence and freedoms. However, we don’t accept any designs and products that incite violence or encourage crime. These include illegal slave labor, rape, abetting teenage self-harm, drug, theft, and any design that is discriminatory (personal attacks, attacks on race, religion, ethnic beliefs, or even attacks on personal characteristics such as gender, or sexual orientation).

We refuse to produce products that would like to celebrate suffering from pain or humiliation of victims, or make any abusive remarks to people with a physical disability. Such Designs/orders will be denied directly if there is an indication of any condition above.

Conversation confidentiality and designs privacy

All content you submit on the www.plushtoysmfg.com website is for business discussions only, we do not collect any contact information or privacy. Or ask clients to send money to any unknown website,  or even change the bank account suddenly before issuing a formal notification letter and double confirmation confirmed by phone.

Regarding the custom designs, we won’t produce or resell customers’ plush toys to others unless getting official authorization. However, our factory owns all the rights to the paper pattern and we won’t share proprietary technical details. But if the customer entrusts us with a product that plagiarizes and reproduces the design of a third party, the customer shall bear the responsibility for its own claim.

Safety Guarantee

We 100% assure that all of the fabrics, stuffings and even the small accessories we’re using are completely eco-friendly and safe to meet international children’s toys safety testing standards. Our factory will absorb the re-testing costs if your 1st tests failed, we never receive a claim over these years for the failed testing.

By submitting your inquiry and information on this website, we will assume that you agreed and accept the above terms and conditions.