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Top 5 Plush Cuddly Toys Brands In The World


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Plush soft toys have already become one of the most popular toys on market. They are fluffy, cuddly, soft, and give people comfort and accompany, plush stuffed toys are always under the age limit. There are so many excellent plush soft toys manufacturers & brands we know and it’s difficult to make a ranking of them. So today, wed like to share you with the Top 5 popular soft toys in the world. (Please be noted the below is Sorted in random order)



When we said the famous and popular plush toys brand, certainly you will hear the name “AURORA”. Aurora already occupied an important position in the children’s plush toys industry, ranking third in the world stuffed animal toys industry and the second-largest toy brand in the United States. The company sells its original designs in a range of diverse soft stuffed toys and accessories with nice quality.

Meanwhile, Aurora came up with “Eco-friendly plush animals” in 2018 by using recyclable materials, as a plush toys manufacturer for years, we have to say we do admire and appreciate their social responsibility and strong environmental awareness as a leading company in this line.



Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. Established at the beginning of the last century. GUND was an ancient and extraordinary brand in the stuffed animal industry. Furthermore, the company was not only the largest & oldest plush gifts company in the United States, but also was a fantastic expert in plush soft toy designing originally.

GUND’s designs got countless gold medals every year. Recommended by American Parenting Magazine as the best baby safety toy and best gift. The brand’s range of products includes Gund, Baby Gund, Gund Bears, Gund Snuffles teddy bears, and Gund holiday, Mainly manufactured in Guangdong, China. Known for its high quality and softness.



Headquartered in EI Segundo, California, Mattel is the world’s largest toys company and is a leader in the design, production, and sales of children’s products. Mattel’s main brands include the most popular and best-selling fashion dolls Barbie and Hot Wheels, Matchbox, American Girl, Radica, Tyco, R/C, and Fisher-Price brands, including little people, power wheels, and a series of educational toys.

Mattel collectible plushies include many classic and popular toys, from Disney Frozen to Sanrio, Pushenm, Paw Patrol, etc. Meanwhile, Mattel also has 5 branches in China.



Hasbro is a major American game company and the world’s second-largest toymaker, after Mattel. The company initially produced mainly textiles. In 1935, Hasbro made its fortune with Monopoly games and gradually became a world-class toy company. At present, the company has many well-known brands such as My Little Pony, Transformers, Special Forces, Star Wars, and so on.

As one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, leading children and family entertainment enterprise. The HASBRO plush toys feature high-end, extremely wide shapes, sizes, and models, Product ranged including soft plush toys, board games, action figures, textbooks, etc.



NICI from Germany is a world-renowned plush cuddly toys company. The creation of NICO designs is a unique, rich, and vivid charming plush stuffed toy with a thoughtful creative mood. Among them, in the wild friends series, every stuffed animal can vividly capture the cutest expression.

Meticulous handwork and dense and even fluff convert the most sincere creativity of NICI. Not only are there loyal NICI animal fans in every corner of the world, but the seasonal limited edition animals launched every year have aroused enthusiasm everywhere and collection trends.

At the same tie, NICI also is one of the manufacturers of the world-famous Teddy bears. The company specializes in toys and also sells a variety of small commodities, like wallets greeting cards, and stationery.

As an ordinary plush toy factory, we always admire excellent and socially responsible plush toy brands and respect every down-to-earth competitor. Plushtoysmfg also striving to improve and enhance our own ability to serve each customer better, we cherish every order, every opportunity.

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