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Regular Fabrics For Stuffed Animals Toy


Table of Contents

In custom plushies manufacturing, fabric choice must be the most important factor affecting the product price and quality. In this article, we will list the top 5 common fabrics in stuffed plush animals production. And if you have any further questions or special fabric for your soft toys project, please feel free to drop us a line below.

1. Minky Fabric.

Minky super soft fabric

Minky super soft fabric is the most regular and popular for plushies toys making. With lower cost and super soft hand feeling, widely used in stuffed mascot toys and promotional plush items. Common pile lengths are 1mm, 1.5mm, and 5mm. For baby plush toys, we highly recommend the short plush fabric.

2. Artificial Rabbit Fur.

Artificial Rabbit Fur

“Fake rabbit fur” was very common to see in stuffed animals toys, especially for plush realistic animals. With its fluffy and extremely soft features, “Artificial rabbit” has already become a very popular fabric in these years. The regular pile length range is 5-15mm in length for plush toys manufacturing. Other lengths normally will need to be customized.

3. PV velvet fabric

PV Velvet fabric

Some people also call it: Heim Cashmere or sea female fabric. A little close to the “Artificial rabbit fur” but with scarce hair and more skin-friendly. Regular pile lengths for plushies making are 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm. This fabric is very commonly used for stuffed teddy bears toys. More used in some fluffy plush accessories, like decorative plush pendants, children’s plush boots, plush blankets, and so on.

4. Vonnel & Hipe & BoA

fur fabric
  1. These 3 fabrics are regularly used in some collectible realistic stuffed animals, pile length range from 5mm-40mm, belong to a medium top grade material.
  2. Can reach 1:1 replicate, but these fabrics on the market normally only have white and black in stock, other colors all need to be custom. That’s why sometimes our MOQ for custom lifelike stuffed animals will be adjusted as per the fabrics accordingly.
  3. Such longer-type furs also required high precise operation and skilled workers to finish during production.
  4. As the explanation above, the fur fabric is expensive if we use it in plush toys projects.

5. Nylex Fabric

Plush dolls

You might hear some Chinese plush toys supplier told you: Tricot fabric was suitable for the plush doll’s face. Yes, that’s the same one. Most Nylex on the market was 100% polyester content, this material has a very good effect for embroidery or silk printing. But if the fur length is over 1mm, there might be cause ink can’t be attached firmly or fade.

Why different plush toys factories’ quotes might have huge gaps?

  • In the plush toys industry, we always said the choice of fabric must be the first factor affecting quality and price. For example, the plush dolls, some suppliers will choose to use lower-cost Jersey fabrics instead of Nylex, but the problem is, that the edges of the embroidery made with Jersey fabric look” Damaged” and very messy quality.
  • All stuffed toy factories have their own standard request for quality. The lowest price doesn’t mean this vendor was suitable for you.
  • We understand some projects have a very limited budget there, so please share more details to further discuss if we can get a better way to reach your target price without sacrificing the quality.

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