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Why Realistic Stuffed Animals Price Is Higher?

realistic stuffed animal

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The lifelike stuffed animal toys we produced were mainly for collectibles requirement or high-end sales, today we’d like to share with you the reasons that cost the higher cost when custom realistic plush animals toys.

The factors that affect the realistic animal’s cost.

Fabric factor: The material for wildlife stuffed animal goods were totally different from the regular plush stuffed animals. Mostly needing artificial fur instead of common Minky fabric. The faux fur most time will require to custom the specific color, suppliers won’t prepare much tock due to the high cost. Stock colors normally were black, white, gray only.

Realistic stuffed animals
Realistic stuffed animals

Workmanship factor: the operation is extremely tricky when cutting and stitching process due to the long pile, ” Chopped hairs”, breakage of needles, drawnwork, such of problems certainly will cause the lower production capacity and higher labor cost.

Realistic plush animals
Realistic plush animals

How much would cost for custom realistic stuffed animals?

The cost for custom lifelike stuffed animals toys was mainly dependent on the below aspects:
– Fabrics ( the fabric is the essential problem to consider the price)
– Size ( The size will cause the consumption of the fabric materials)
– Designs’ complexity ( Different from regular stuffed animals, realistic plush was designed according to the lifelike animals.)
-Order quantity ( The unit price is a little higher due to the fabric cost, which also will affect the workers’ salary.)

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