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Things You Should Know About Plush Toys Safety Standards And Labelling To The US Market.

stuffed teddy bears

Table of Contents

Looking to start a custom wholesale stuffed animals business? Here are some useful guides on plush toys safety regulations for importing to the US market. Generally, the below tests are compulsory to take – please see details below:

What’s ASTM Test?

ASTM tests were the basic requirements to enter into the US market, which includes:

– Physical/mechanical properties: ASTM F963-17

– Flammability: ASTM F963-17

– Toxic substance testing (heavy metals & total in substrate material) : ASTM F963-17

What’s CPSIA Testing?

CPSIA (US Public law 110-314 – Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008):

Total lead (Pb) in painting or coating & phthalates testing

CA 65 (if needed): phthalates in children’s products

Tensile tests
Important: As standard most plush toys are appropriate to age-grading 3+. If you require your stuffed toys to be suitable for ages 0+, please let us know during the sampling phase so we will pay attention during all phases of design, and carefully check with the testings lab if our design can work, then label them appropriately.

What information is required for the plush toys’ labeling?

(Except the logo/brand print, below information, is required)

  • Origin.
  • Manufacturer Name.
  • Date Code: **Month ** Year.
  • 3+ or 0+ warning age.
  • Reg No. PA: # ****
  • Please remove all hangtags and fasteners before giving this to a child. Retain hangtag for reference. This product meets or exceeds government safety regulations including ASTM and CPSIA safety standards.

Regular questions about the testings.

Q: Can we exempt CPSIA testing when we passed FDA or Prop 65?
A: No.

Q: Is CPSIA compulsory for the US market?
A: Yes, for the EURO market is CE with EN71-2-3 test.

Q: What kind of component parts would not be tested?
A: Inaccessible parts.

Q: How much would it cost for the above safety testings?
A: This depends on the product’s materials, colors, and which lab company.

If you still confuse about the plush toy’s test and information of the sew tags & hangtags, you could contact us, and we will help you!

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