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Bulk Plush Toys Made In China


Table of Contents

Are all stuffies made in China?

Not all soft toys are made here, there are also manufacturing facilities in the EU, USA, India, Vietnam, etc. But undeniable, production out of China still has limitations on the design’s complexity limitations and specialty materials, and even experiences. But in China, we already got the perfect supply chain and full experience in textile product manufacturing. “Made in China” has already been the trend over these years.

Meanwhile, not only plushes toys but it’s also estimated that over 80% of all toys worldwide are produced and exported in China with OEM brands.

Can the Chinese companies make high-quality plush toys?

Our answer is definitely YES! There are many high-end and popular brands you can see in the market, like the DISNEY plush series, Mattel, Hasbro, Aurora, and GUND all made in China.

The low and cheap labor cost was already a past, with fast turnaround time and innovative designing abilities advantages. Most companies here are doing their best to transform from original manufacturing to intelligent production.

Are Toys Made In China Safe?

Whether your toys are manufactured in China, or other countries, even the USA or Canada, your need to alert the illegal chemical containing risks of your products if your toys-making suppliers reject to offer you the testing reports. So it doesn’t matter where country you choose the plush toys making supplier, choosing the reliable and qualified should be the top factor to consider.

What is needed if we’d like to import custom-made plushies from China.

With the deepening globalization of trade, importing toys from China is no longer a complicated matter. But you could check with your Chinese stuffed animal’s supplier and forwarder to learn more about the customs clearance issues and tax if you’re the first time importing from China.

We producing all kinds of plush based items with 500 MOQ support, Such as custom plush teddy bear stuffed animals, soft baby toy, plush company mascot toy, plush doll, plush keychain, plush slippers, etc. 100% customization.

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